Final Fantasy VI- the world of Ruin

(pencil, scanner, photoshop6 with mouse)

沉沒的大地廢墟, 世上只剩下自己孤單一人, 無盡汪洋之中, Celes尋找所愛的人


帝國應允的和平協議只是手段, 一切都只為了取得位於封印之門的另一邊、蘊藏巨大力量的三座神像. 皇帝得呈後, 並沒發現Kefca的野心正在發動. Kefca操控神像的力量, 殺死皇帝. 失控的Kefca即使知道神像完全甦醒會導致毁滅世界, 卻仍然解放了神像力量.

夕陽柔弱的光線喚醒了昏迷一整年的Celes. 她被最親愛的長輩Cid所救, 然而Cid自己卻時日無多. 世上陸地都被汪洋淹蓋, 只剩下她目前身處的小島. Cid在臨終前囑咐Celes不要放棄希望, 世界上某些角落還會有生還者, 此時, 一隻白鴿把希望帶到她面前, 牠身上繫著Locke的頭巾…

The Gestahl emperor cheated and steal the warring triad from the world behind the sealed gate. While he was being intoxicate with his booties, Kefca murdered him by trying the new tremendous power on him. Kefca lost control and revive the triad. All of these cause a cataclysm to the world.

Celes woke up under the tender sunset beams. Cid told her that she had slept for one year and the world had been ruined one year ago. The whole world seemed to be destroyed except the island she was staying. Cid passed away soon and told Celes to go searching other survivors. Celes decided to flung herself from the cliff beside the seashore in despair, but a pigeon tied with Locke’s bandage appeared and brought hope to her….


consummate adj.完美的
my liege 陛下
tremendous adj.巨大的 驚人的
pesky adj.麻煩的
wimp n.軟弱無能的人
nasty wound 嚴重的傷口
crooked adj.扭曲的
blurt it out 衝口而出
international courtesy 國際禮儀
half-witted adj.愚笨的
bump v./n.撞擊
progeny n.後代,後裔
treachery n.背叛,變節
vicious adj.錯誤的,邪惡的
arrogant adj.傲慢的
whiny adj.常發牢騷的;愛抱怨的
pamper v.縱容,姑息
backstabbing adj.背刺,耍卑鄙手段的
implore v.懇求,哀求
revive v.使甦醒
unleash v.解開封印
knackered adj.筋疲力盡的
wither v.凋謝
perish v.枯萎
flung themselves from the cliff in despair 擁抱絕望投崖自盡
count me in 加我一個!
verge n.邊緣
cataclysm n.大地巨變(指各種嚴重災害)
booty n.戰利品
chartered adj.特許的,有執照的
don’t play dumb with me 少跟我裝聾作啞
grieve v.使悲傷
scram v.逃跑

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2 Responses to Final Fantasy VI- the world of Ruin

  1. Chocolate says:

    The vocabulary so hard…
    I don’t know much

  2. Ivan S. P. says:

    me too^^
    let’s study hard together.

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