週末第一次在攝影棚用單眼機拍正妹女model, 主要是做衣服樣品照用的. 其實是在朋友家隨便架一個場景出來, 由朋友本人充當model.

其中有一張拍阿賀的, 我覺得姿勢和氣氛都有出來, 只是背景有雜亂, 最後不打算採用. 棄之可惜, 就拿來當今天的model啦! 畫了這張一張, 衣服的樣式其實不是這樣.

Here comes my friend, Mandy! Last Sunday i have had my first experience taking photographs of a female model for proposing some T-shirts. There was one photo i like so much but it may be abandoned due to the failure of background…so i use that photo as the model of the sketch today. Enjoy~

(SAI, wacom intuos 3)

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